Return of the personal website

Internet, here I am again.

Return of the personal website

After a long time having no website of my own and keeping articles on Tumblr and Medium, I decided I wanted to own my homepage and not having many identities and some articles spread over many platforms.

I wanted:

  • articles written in Markdown I can store wherever I like,
  • a static-website generator for the blog to have something low-energy,
  • something I could tweak when I want.

To select the static-website generator:

  • I looked at the recommendations from the Jamstack website.
  • My shortlist was NextJS and Hugo but I went for Hugo since I just wanted something easy to use and fast. NextJS seems to be a nice option but I don't need all this features and ReactJS for a personal website/blog.

To select the hosting:

I just looked at recommendations on Hugo's website and Render seemed an easy and free option. I had already an account so I didn't bother looking further for now.